PIQUE NewsMagazine: Rising Regardless

By March 19, 2018Media

Whistler’s business community is flush with women leaders — but what hurdles have they crossed to get there?

We’re witnessing a watershed moment. There’s been a tidal wave of conversation, heated debates, and marching in the streets, pushing the subject of gender equality to the forefront of our current cultural moment. Some believe these discussions have only pulled us further apart, while others see it as a call to arms, a rallying cry. Either way, we have to decide whether this wave is going to wash over us, leaving only small fragments in its wake, or if it will alter our social landscape forever. With women coming forward and sharing their stories like never before, of stunning abuses of power, of systemic barriers to entry, of unfair and unequal business practices, we need to be ready to listen, and then we need to be ready to act. With all that we’re being told, what will we do next?


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