Ruby Roxx

International Model, Vice President of Bonerattle Talent , Vancouver, BC

Ruby Roxx is a plus size model, social media marketer, influencer, writer, and activist. Growing up, Ruby fought with herself, her size, and her body type. As many young women do, she grew up striving to have “the perfect” body however she quickly learned how important becoming her own, most powerful supporter would be on her journey to becoming the internationally recognized plus size model she is today. Faced with nay-sayers, body-shamers and internet trolls, she found the confidence to fight back, and use the power she has gained from these lessons, into helping others fighting with themselves. 

Now Ruby is a successful model, with a huge following of loyal supporters including over 2 million fans on Facebook. She not only shares her photo-shoots on line, but shares the idea with the world that there is no wrong way to have a body. She speaks up against mental health stigma (as she suffers from depression and anxiety herself) and is a cheerleader for all women out there fighting with themselves whenever they look in the mirror.  Modern media has led women to believe that there is only one type of female body that can be viewed as beautiful and sexy. Ruby fights back with her constant mantra of telling women to love themselves, inside and out, and to be un-apologetically you!