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Kriti Gupta: How WNORTH Transformed My Perspective as an Entrepreneur

Written By: Kriti Gupta, WNORTH Member & CEO, 

I was initially reluctant to attend the WNORTH conference in Whistler in May 2024. As I went through the list of women who are members, I realized that this would have been a perfect opportunity to network and grow my career if I had worked in corporate. However, I didn’t see much value as an entrepreneur. I presumed that this group (albeit incredible) wouldn’t understand the trials and tribulations I go through every day and that I would end up spending my time listening to the grandeur of corporate work culture.

But it seemed like a good chance to travel beyond Vancouver. What was meant to be an opportunity to explore Whistler became a transformative experience where I got a chance to connect with exceptional women. This conference was more valuable than the other conferences I have attended. No one was trying to prove themselves superior. No one was pitching their ideas or trying to sell you something. It was pure, undiluted compassion and respect. Everybody was there to listen, share, and support each other.

Listening to these successful women and interacting with them, I realized that although our paths might be different, our challenges are the same. We are overworked and underappreciated. We fight similar battles every day. I was so wrong in thinking that I didn’t belong there. I did.

When Heather asked me if I wanted to share my story, I wondered if I had a story to tell these successful women. Compared to their successful journeys, would my trivial journey matter? I told myself probably not, but I convinced myself it would be a good exercise in public speaking. I reflect and realize how presumptuous I was. I wasn’t just heard, I was celebrated.

My talk started with a hitch. I forgot a few lines, my palms were sweaty and I was nervous. On the surface, I looked calm and ready, but I forgot what I wrote (I am not rapping 8 Mile by Eminem, but that was the reality). When I looked around, there was genuine curiosity and patience. I began speaking. With each line I uttered, I became more confident, and it was all due to the collective compassion of the room. After my talk, those women overwhelmed me with love and praise.

We are overworked and underappreciated. We fight similar battles every day. I was so wrong in thinking that I didn’t belong there. I did.

Is the WNORTH Conference for entrepreneurs? Definitely yes. Did I come back enriched with connections and learnings? Definitely yes. Would I do it again? Hell yes.

Other important considerations when I rank my conferences:

  • Was I bored?: Not for a second.
  • Conference Style: A mix of speakers, activities, and bonding exercises with yummy food.
  • Did I feel included: 100%. During the whole conference, I didn’t feel lonely for a second.
  • Connections: Women connected with me (my LinkedIn requests were accepted).
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