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WNORTH Forums Program, complimentary to all Members, leans on peer mentorship as one of the top strategies to help close the gender gap in business leadership.

Women are often siloed, conditioned not to ask for help, and carry additional labor that takes up space as they navigate toward senior leadership. It’s these and many other challenges that the Forums Program looks to solve.

Mentorship and sponsorships are the key ingredients to navigating your career, yet many women find it challenging to build support systems. We often think of mentors as people we admire, those who are a few ranks above and can lift us as we climb. There’s another way.

What Is Peer Mentorship And What Are The Benefits?

In WNORTH Forums, a professional peer serves as a mentor. Each Forum is led by an experienced Leadership Coach or Senior Woman in Leadership, helping to facilitate conversations and help the group accountability. 

Peer mentors are essential in motivating and encouraging one another while holding each other accountable for reaching goals. By joining a peer mentorship group, you can benefit from deep connections, professional insights, and female support from the community of talented women in business, women executives and entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators.

The main benefits of Peer Mentorship include:

  • Finding an accountability group to achieve a shared goal
  • Connecting with driven peers as you navigate your career
  • Additional 1-on-1 accountability matching inside each Forum
  • Access to a Senior Leader or Coach to serve as a Mentor
  • Building your network and support system
  • A safe space to share your challenges and goals

Only if we all work together can we create a ripple effect for more women and underrepresented people to move to higher levels of leadership.

Join Our Next WNORTH Forum Cohort To Find Your New Community:

For our Spring 2023 Cohort, we’re opening the following Forum groups.

Resilient Leadership: Finding Your Zone of Genius with Jennifer Laidlaw

Align your leadership style with your values, unleash your inner genius, and use your unique gifts to set you apart and your influence to move towards your goals. This forum is dedicated to helping you come out of this challenging time as a bolder, better version of yourself and focuses on elevating your confidence, clarity, well-being, and resilience … all of which will help you create your extraordinary next chapter.

Overcoming Leadership Imposter BS with Carrie Gallant

Women face an epidemic of Imposter Syndrome, doubting their excellence and unique value. This Forum connects you over a shared goal to leave the Imposter BS behind, grow your confidence, believe you belong in the room, and shut down your inner critic sabotaging your career and life for good. Participants will be encouraged to create a personal “toolbox” whenever Impostor Syndrome rears its ugly head.

Money Mindset Coaching with Deborah Stellingwerff

Are you ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks and start fresh on creating freedom, independence, and a healthy relationship with money? We are offering this forum for you in partnership with Business and Mindset coach Deborah Stellingwerff. Deborah is passionate about supporting women to be aligned with their highest purpose, their deepest truth, and their relationship with money so they can create more freedom and wealth. Because women do great things and have an enormous impact when they have time and money on their hands!

Building Inclusive Workplaces and Communities with Erin Thorp

Fostering inclusion is a journey; we can all learn from each other. We invite women of all backgrounds to join us for necessary conversations about our commitment to being positive agents of cultural and social change.

Confident Communicator with Katherine Lazaruk

To dispel the illusion, we all need advanced techniques for communicating with ourselves and others. In this highly engaging forum group, we will explore philosophies and practical applications of various communication techniques for personal and professional relationship building through continuous self-growth. Together, we’ll follow the topical threads of self-growth as they appear in our conversations. Come prepared to be vulnerable, brave, and inspired.

Women of Color with Jasmine Parmar

This Forum is designed to connect rising leaders of color with one another and the resources, support, and network they need to elevate their leadership careers. Led by WNORTH Member Jasmine Parmar, senior leader, and an aspiring coach focused on elevating women of color.

Strategic Networking with Mariana Freitas

 To effectively expand and strengthen strategic networking, create and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships, foster the support of people who can help you to achieve your goals, and improve the ability to shorten paths by accessing a strategic network. Learn strategies to identify, prioritize and communicate with key contacts to build relationships and expand your connections, overcome challenges using your network, and develop efficient collaboration networks.

Marketing & Comms Leaders with Ariel White and Iva Kubickova

Do you crave accountability in your marketing career? Do you need help identifying which channels, tools, and tactics drive results? If so, join our marketing-focused Forum group of women marketers looking to scale and grow.

Registration Now Open: WNORTH Forum Groups Spring 2023

Connect with your new inner circle inside WNORTH to brainstorm your best ideas, bust through challenges and build deeper connections that help advance your career and life. This is a complimentary program for all WNORTH Members.

Deadline for applications: April 23th 
Program start: The week of May 1st 
Duration: 10 weeks
Cadence: 5 meetings twice a month
Group size: 6 participants plus Facilitator(s)

WNORTH Forums are complimentary for all Members at WNORTH. To join us, register now through the link below.

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