Our Referral Program

Over the past 6 years, our community has been growing through the power of word of mouth - because talented, ambitious, and driven women (like yourself) know other talented, ambitious, and driven people. And now, the Referral Program at The Members' Club at WNORTH is here!

Support your community, refer women to WNORTH and receive unique rewards for every milestone you reach!


Our Referral Program is designed to connect women in your network with WNORTH – all while you enjoy the perks that come with each referral.

Do you have a friend, colleague or business partner who would benefit from joining The Members’ Club at WNORTH?

Now is your chance refer them to become a part of our community!


How to get started

All Members at WNORTH are invited to fill in the following form.

After you sign up for the program, you’ll receive your unique referral link, which you can use to refer women in your community to WNORTH. 


Sign up as a Referral Partner

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Share your unique link

You’ll receive your own unique referral code to share with your contacts.


Reach a referral milestone

Once you reach one of the milestones, we’ll share your reward with you. Our Milestones are 2, 5, 10, and 25 referrals.

Referral Program - Registration Form

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Choose your username - which will also be used as your referral code. Must only contain letters & numbers (no spaces or special characters).

Our rewards

2 Referrals

Unique WNORTH Experience Box

Includes a best-selling book from one of our Authors featured on Just Published: Meet The Author, the WNORTH Stainless steel mug, and a surprise item. [$70 value]

5 Referrals

Elate Beauty Cosmetics Kit

In collaboration with Melodie Reynolds, a member of WNORTH, we're bringing you an ethically made and sustainable cosmetics gift set that care for your skin and our planet. [$150 value]

10 Referrals

Shopping Spree at Aritzia

Together with our partners at Aritzia, we're offering you an exclusive voucher to enjoy at their stores. [$250 value]

25 Referrals

One Girl Can: Sponsorship

Covers the cost of a laptop for a first year university student. This sponsorship gives a girl a chance for a future of opportunity by supporting her through high school or university. [$500 value]