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At WNORTH, our resolution is to continue on our path to building more women into positions of power while keeping community support as the building block of our success.

We asked our high-performing members what makes the biggest difference in their lives and careers, and here’s what we’ve learned:

1) Expand Your Network Across Industries

Build a network of driven women across industries who inspire you, and stand for what you believe. This will help you see the bigger picture, build community outside of your usual area of focus, and offer perspectives to bring back to your job. 

Tip: Attend a WNORTH meetup to make new connections instantly,

2) Dedicate Some Time To Build Your Negotiation Skills

Communicating your wants and needs is critical in getting the pay, recognition, and work/life balance you deserve. Like everything, negotiation is a skill you can craft. 

Tip: The WNORTH Leadership Hub has countless resources from Negotiation Experts to help you become a master negotiator. We can also connect you with women in our network who can help you get the results you want.

3) Advocate For Other Women

We don’t always need to go outside our way to support those around us. Sometimes, it’s as simple as looking for a person that could use an extra connection, support or advice in or outside of your organization. Alone, we can’t do so little. Together, we can do so much. 

Tip: Join a community in or outside of your organization that will connect you with women looking for resources.

4) Join Peer Mentorship Programs

Who can teach you better than women walking in your shoes? Peer mentorship groups are powerful as they enable you to meet regularly with likeminded ambitious women working on the same goals, helping you to get there faster. 

Tip: Our Forums run three times a year, giving you a chance to meet up to 15 ambitious women who will become your core group of success.

5) Increase Your Influence By Elevating Your Personal Brand

Women are notorious for undervaluing their achievements. Let’s shout them out the roots by utilizing social media tools like LinkedIn to not only share your wins but (and that’s our favorite) stand up for women around you and celebrate their achievements. 

Tip: Dedicate time weekly to building your brand online and connecting with other professionals. Our platforms of choice include the WNORTH Membership Portal and LinkedIn.

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