Thursday 6:30am

HIIT class

Join us for the HIIT class on Thursday morning with Meaghan Sutter, a well known fitness instructor in Whistler and a Lululemon Ambassador.  If you participate in the class you get your name entered in a draw to win a Lululemon outfit.

Meaghan is an entrepreneur, Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist that loves getting the community of Whistler fit for their beloved mountain activities. She’s excited to take you through a fun and sweaty HIIT session that will surely keep you on your toes. Before we get going, Meaghan will get your body and mind prepared for the task with a full body warm-up plus she will teach you form on some basics to keep you safe and injury free.

Thursday 4:00pm

Yoga Session: Turn Down to Tune In: A Yoga + Deep Relaxation Experience

Join lululemon global yoga ambassador, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts for a guided yoga and meditation experience for beginners. This is a perfect way to unplug and dive deeply into relaxation in order to absorb the events during the conference.

Register at the WNORTH registration table.

Friday 7:15am

Morning Run with Steph Corker

Join speaker Steph Corker on Friday morning for a early morning run.