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By Supporting Them Along Their Leadership Journey


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WNORTH is the only organization dedicated to the development of women on a trajectory towards senior leadership. 

Through the WNORTH Members’ Club, we connect top women business leaders in corporate, public and entrepreneurial sectors and provide them with development opportunities to get them to their leadership destination. 

We work with global businesses to help them design a leadership development strategy that works best for their team and organizational goals. 

Our Impact & Global Community

WNORTH is well positioned to support your organization. Our programs are uniquely developed to support women along all levels of their leadership journey. Founded in 2015, over 8,000 women have attended WNORTH events and programs worldwide in-person and virtually.

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Participating partners and organizations include

We make a difference by:

Leadership Mapping

Making detailed and accurate maps of the current leadership environment as navigated by women.

Connection & Inclusion

Promoting excellence by connecting women in influential roles through our membership program to exchange expertise, feedback and advice.

Curated Training Content

Filling the void of resources available to women rising in high-potential and high-influence positions.


Addressing the historical lack of effective systems and networks for female leaders while providing corporations with solutions to fix the “leaky” women leadership pipeline.

High-level Coaching

Providing women with strategic coaching programs and workshops to develop, practice, and amplify critical leadership skills to rise not only to the levels that they can withstand but to the levels that they are truly capable of.

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Corporate Package

Download our overview of all WNORTH offerings, cohorts & additional information about Corporate Memberships.

Partnership Package

Unique opportunities for you to help us bridge the gender power gap by elevating women in the leadership pipeline.

The Benefits Of Working With Us

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Employee Benefits

Curated Leadership Coaching
Access to curated interactive programming and professional training, including the Leadership 360 Course, designed for specific levels of leadership and various learning styles.

Inclusion and connection
Access to networking, connection, skill-building, training, and mental health wellness for a demographic in your workforce that’s most at-risk for exiting the workforce.

High-quality training content
We are experts in the area of women leadership and have access to the talent and resources necessary to deliver exceptional evergreen training content for all training needs (virtual & in-person) through our e-learning platform.

Organizational Benefits

Outsourcing your professional development training saves you time, money, and resources on recruiting in-house coaches. Your employees gain access to professional coaching at a fraction of the usual cost.

By leveraging our resources and expertise, your female talent can continue doing what they do best: teams are more productive, learning is more efficient, and you can see the value returned.

By offering high-level leadership training, you’re giving your talent additional benefits and reasons to stay, or join your company.

Team productivity
Your leaders impact the performance of their teams. By equipping your leaders with development training, their team will produce more effective results, cutting on costs and improving revenue.

Outsourcing by its very nature is flexible, allowing you the option to exit or change the terms without incurring penalties should you not be satisfied with service delivery and outcomes.

WNORTH Event with women



“Selecting WNORTH as a partner in the space of mid/emerging female professionals is tactical for HSBC’s overall gender advancement strategy. Providing a unique setting and forum for our emerging female leaders to incubate, hone and further brand identity and capabilities is WNORTH’s differentiator.”


“WNORTH Leadership Mastermind connections have helped me through career challenges and transitions. It’s a space to be honest and vulnerable without judgement. We’ve helped and supported each other through personal challenges as well. It’s been life-changing!“


“My organization supported my membership to join the Members Club. I signed up to be a part of the Leadership Mastermind, I found this experience to be extremely valuable as I navigated some challenges on my leadership journey. The Mastermind group was a unique opportunity to collaborate with other women leaders from various industries as we all grew in our careers & businesses.”

    Corporate Membership

    The Members Club at WNORTH Logo

    Since 2018, our year-round membership program brings together accomplished and driven leaders for exclusive experiences and digital forums.  This online platform & curated membership provides professional development training and resources for women business leaders in Corporations from across North America and United Kingdom. Our corporate partners use the membership to augment their internal women’s leadership groups.

    WNORTH Conference 2022 Virtual Conference Pass

    Digital Membership

    360 Virtual Personal & Professional Development support to connect your women talent with everything they need to get to their leadership destination.

    mastermind membership members at wnorth networking

    Mastermind Membership

    Our most popular Membership leverages the powerful opportunities of in-person connections, mentorship & support. Mastermind Membership connects top women talent through both virtual & in-person experiences, events, and professional & personal development coaching.

    The Membership contains everything included in the Digital Membership, plus:

    Membership Programs

    WNORTH Leadership mastermind logo

    Run internally at your organization.

    WNORTH’s Leadership Mastermind program is an intimate group-coaching opportunity for high potential women who are looking to connect, build relationships, and grow from their peers. In a bi-weekly 4-month long program, participants meet online via video conference. Each session is facilitated by one of our vetted coaches and is a safe space to problem solve, receive support, and sharpen leadership skills. 

    WNORTH Leadership 360 Course Logo

    Facilitated by WNORTH for your organization.

    The WNORTH Leadership 360 Course is a virtual 6-module course specifically designed for women in management positions and scaling entrepreneurs who are looking to elevate their leadership abilities with tangible and relevant skills for today’s workplace.

    WNORTH Conference Logo

    Open for Mastermind Members & Corporate Partners.

    Held Annually in Whistler, (returning to in-person April 27-29, 2022) the WNORTH Conference is a dedicated forum to elevate diverse perspectives in corporate leadership through leadership training, high-level networking, inspirational talks from global leaders, and a curated agenda specifically aimed at High Potential leaders in your organization. Past presenters include speakers from Cisco, RBC, Airbnb, Salesforce, TELUS, world leaders, and successful entrepreneurs.

    WNORTH Compass Circles Logo

    Waitlist Open, Start January 2022

    Strong, supported women succeed. Introducing year-round, facilitated groups that bring together professional women at a high level to share their systems, networks, knowledge, and experience and to collectively code leadership and management environments to women’s experiences. Compass Circles are designed specifically for women who are Head of Department, Director, Vice President, or equivalent positions.

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