Energetic Time Management

Mastermind For Working Mothers

Discover how high-performing women are controlling their time without sacrificing their needs.


Would you like to get more done in less time with energy left over?

Join this exclusive Mastermind Group and discover how high-performing women are controlling their time without sacrificing their needs.  

This six-week program will introduce you to a transformative and simple-to-implement process that will show you how to set up your week in alignment with how you want to feel. 

A Six Week Transformation Mastermind with Heather Odendaal

This Mastermind is built to connect overwhelmed yet ambitious women craving more peace and emotional freedom and who still want to manage it all (work, kids, health, household, relationships, etc.).

This Mastermind will consist of weekly calls for six weeks that range from 30-minute check-ins to a 1.5 hour best practice share session with your cohort. The Mastermind will give you the actionable steps you can (or need to) take to solve the problem of, “How can I do it all without feeling exhausted?” 

Course Timeline

Intro to Energetic Time Management & Blue Sky Thinking
Wed, January 26, 2022, at 9:30 am PST | 1:30 PM EST
1 hour

The Art of Prioritization 
Wed, February 2, 2022, at 9:30 am PST | 1:30 PM EST
30 min

Cycle Optimization  And Your Core Desired Feeling
Wed, February 9, 2022, at 9:30 am PST | 1:30 PM EST
1 hour

Progress Over Perfection: Mastering the Basics
Wed, February 16, 2022, at 9:30 am PST | 1:30 PM EST
Best Practices Share Session: 1.5 hours

Let’s Take Action: Calendar Implementation
Wed, February 23, 2022, at 9:30 am PST | 1:30 PM EST
1 hour

Your New Daily Habit that will Change the Game
Wed, March 2, 2022, at 12:30 pm PST | 3:30 PM EST
Virtual Social: 1.5 hours

Registration Deadline

Friday, January 21, 2022 | Only 20 spots Available

Registration Information

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Package Price: $750 USD

 (*Includes the Energetic Time Management Mastermind & Mastermind Membership at The Members’ Club at WNORTH).

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Key Takeaways

Get more done in less time (with energy left over).

Establish a valuable new daily ritual of “nightly check-ins”.

Develop accountability through other participants in this cohort-based learning opportunity.

Learn how to optimize your monthly work calendar in synchronicity with your Cycle.

Build powerful connections with 19 other ambitious, hard-working professional women.

Get clear on your priorities to achieve life you truly crave.

Topics We'll Cover

Week 1

This is where we will lay the foundation for the six-week Mastermind, we will start with leading you through a blue sky thinking session of what it is, big picture, that you would like to get out of yourself, work, life, relationships, kids, and money.
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Week 2

Are you optimizing how you spend your time to reflect your core values? This will be where we start to organize the thoughts and blue sky thinking that you started within week one.
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Week 3

A man’s cycle is 24 hours, which works well for the 24-hour clock.  A woman’s cycle is 28-29 days, this means your hormones, energy levels, & metabolism are changing from week to week.  In this session, we will look at planning your calendar to optimize how you feel throughout the month.
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Week 4

In this session, we will double down on your highest level actions that will get you to your core desired feeling. We will also host a session this week that will allow all participants to share their best practices for how they manage their time and priorities. This will be a collaborative, safe space for everyone to learn from each other.
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Week 5

Inspired by your big vision, this is where you will do the work on planning out your calendar. We’ve set up the foundations for this exercise in the previous weeks by doing your blue sky thinking, determining priorities & core desired feeling, optimizing your cycle and mastering the basics. This week, we set up a calendar flow that works for you.
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Week 6

With a foundation to your calendar now set, we will introduce you to the step that allows for fluidity, the step that allows you to make adjustments based on how priorities and things change because as a working mother, things change every hour of every day. We will tie everything off with a special virtual evening event to end the Mastermind.
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This Mastermind is for...

Working Mothers

Those seeking to find a balance between work and family.

Mothers Returning From Leave

Those preparing to return to work after time off due to childcare (maternity leave or pandemic childcare).

Working Mothers-to-be

Those preparing to welcome a child into their world (either by birth or adoption) and seeking community among other working mothers.

Meet Your Instructor

Co-Founder & CEO at WNORTH

Heather Odendaal


Heather Odendaal an accomplished entrepreneur, brand builder and event producer whose experience in corporate environments inspired her to create and co-found WNORTH, a global organization dedicated to the development of women mid-career on a trajectory towards senior executive leadership.  Prior to launching her organization, Heather was employed as a sales executive for a Fortune 500 company.

Heather has been recognized in BizBash’s 2020 roundup of Canada’s Most Influential Event Pros and as a nominee for the 2021 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. She is consistently featured in a variety of top-tier publications and podcasts and sits on the Forbes Business Council. Heather currently resides in Whistler, BC, and is a Director on the board of the Whistler Chamber of Commerce. In her spare time, you can find her judging local food & wine festivals, and skiing with her husband and two children.

The Content Curator

Leadership Coach, Podcast Host, Author

Heather Chauvin


Heather is a leadership coach who helps ambitious, overwhelmed women conquer their fears and become leaders at work and home. Heather created the process of Energetic Time Management for herself after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Her signature approach helps her clients create and enjoy sustainability, profitability, and ease in business and life.

Guest Speaker

Maryam Zeineddin


Maryam is the Founder and Chair of Zilicare, a not-for-profit preventative health platform giving insights, tools, and a sense of community for women to own their own health. As a local family doctor and health contributor to CBC, she is passionate about the connection between mental and physical health.

As a full-time working mother, Maryam realizes the importance of affording herself the same consideration and kindness she advocates for her female patients.

Guest Speaker

Stefanie Adler

Stefanie is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Women’s Hormone + Fertility Expert, Birth Doula and Wellness Coach. Her practice focuses on supporting those with cycling bodies in balancing their hormones, healing their guts, and all things babymaking.

She is immensely passionate about giving women the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the modern world.

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What People Say About ETM & WNORTH

"The support, education and networking opportunities at WNORTH have expanded my perspectives and helped re-ignite the spark that fuels the passion for the work that I do in service to my team and my clients."

Kathryn Coolen, FMP Portfolio Relations Manager at BGIS

"I truly enjoyed connecting with other like minded women across the country. ETMFM taught me to hold myself accountable with the tasks I place on my calendar and really be able to accomplish goals in a positive manner. Since the course, I've implemented family game nights and even hired a house cleaner to coincide with that time of the month; you've got to take the course to understand! It's life changing!"

Autumn Clemons, Strategic Account Development Executive at DoorDash

"WNORTH provides a safe place to work through goals and challenges with like-minded women. My career has advanced, and my network has expanded. Highly recommend this organization!"

Lorna Howieson VP, Global Workplace at IMAX