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Aug 12 2022


10:30 am - 11:30 am

Effective Conflict Resolution: Live Masterclass with Charmaine Hammond

Leaders, business owners, and employees are losing time and productivity due to conflict. In fact, the research shows that, on average, people spend about two hours of work time per week on conflict (thinking about it, worrying about it, gossiping about it, dealing with it, and managing the aftermath). A little bit of training and skill development goes a long way in building confidence and strong skills to navigate these conversations that we most want to avoid.


  • The five courageous dialogue skills to keep conflict-related dialogues respectful, drama-free, and forward-moving

  • A 5 step road map for these conversations

  • Tips to navigate history, drama, assumptions, and emotions that can get in the way of success

  • Five questions that always work when conversations get stalled or go sideways

  • How to be confident, credible, and congruent!

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