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Nov 16 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

November Workshop: From Surviving to Thriving: Self-Care’s Role in Defeating Burnout


Join us for a transformative webinar: ‘From Surviving to Thriving: Self-Care’s Role in Defeating Burnout.’ This virtual workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to break free from burnout and cultivate a life of genuine well-being.

In this engaging session, we will explore the intricate landscape of burnout and its stressors, fostering a deep understanding of its impact on our lives.

As we dissect the distinction between stress and burnout, we gain invaluable clarity, empowering you to identify and address these challenges effectively.

Every attendee will:

1. Understand burnout and stressors.
2. Gain clarity on the difference between stress and burnout.
3. Develop a self-care blueprint and learn stress reduction tools.
4. Understand how to incorporate self-care activities into their daily lives.
5. Learn why their internal beliefs are as important as their external self-care routines.

About Dr. Tamara Beckford

Dr. Tamara Beckford is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, international speaker, emcee, and CEO of UR Caring Docs.

She helps companies reduce employee burnout through self-care workshops. She hosts the popular “Dr. Tamara Beckford Show,” where she interviews physicians on self-care, wellness, and their non-clinical activities. The podcast ranks in the top 5% globally, with 173 physician interviews to date. Dr. Beckford is a sought-after expert in self-care and has been featured on over 60 podcasts and presented on wellness at various platforms, including Power to Fly, Scale Your Business Summit, and the 40 Acre Conference. As a Success Mentor at EntreMD Business School, she mentors 60+ physicians weekly in building successful businesses.

Her content on social media has received over 1 million views, and she co-authored two bestselling books, Made for More and Thriving After Burnout. She was recognized as a COVID-19 Hero by The New Jersey Academy of Sciences.

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