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Oct 12 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

October Workshop: Neuro-Inclusion at Work: Embracing The Wonderful Minds of the Neurodiverse

We all acknowledge individuality, but what about truly understanding and embracing those who are hard-wired to think and process differently from ourselves? This workshop takes us through the science and benefits of neurodiversity as well as how to best cultivate and accommodate neurodiversity in the workplace. 


▸ The science behind neurodiversity
▸ Different is not a deficit… it is actually a benefit!
▸ Responding in curiosity, not ego
▸ Best neuro-friendly communication and accommodation practices
▸ Making accommodations standard options
▸ Steering into strengths and symbiotic work cells

About Katherine, Workshop Facilitator

From being the little girl who sold shares in her “company” and played HR (even firing her mother!) to the traveling entrepreneur and speaker she is now, Katherine McCord has had quite a journey! Katherine has multiple physical and neuro diversities, ranging from MCAS and seizures to Bipolar and OCD, and says, “I am successful WITH my diagnosis, not in spite of them.”

Born in Dallas, Texas, she began rescuing animals early on and, as an adult, became a proud foster mama, even for wolves and exotic animals. Charitable work is always an important facet of her life. Growing up, Katherine’s parents always encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit, and boy, did that pay off!

She currently lives in Florida and runs a company called Titan Management, which she founded in 2014 with the purpose of shaking up HR and recruiting! She has certainly fulfilled that purpose with her invention of the first-ever anti-bias ATS, the Make Accommodations Standard Options campaign and her creative and fully inclusive approach to hiring.

Katherine also hosts two shows, Career Launch Live and Super Mania Show, and is the COO and President of the Board of the international neurodiversity and nonlinear group, The Octopus Movement. People Operations and Inclusion have become her passions, and she has dedicated her life to innovating and growing them.

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