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Fairmont Chateau


Apr 24 2024


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Whistler April Roundtable: How to Be a Change Catalyst: Overcoming Resistance for Lasting Transformation with Erin Cooper

How to Be a Change Catalyst: Overcoming Resistance for Lasting Transformation

Join us for a workshop that not only sharpens your skills but also touches on the human elements of empathy, loss, and connection. It’s designed to arm you with the nuanced abilities needed to gracefully guide resistance, decipher the complexities of change dynamics, and ensure lasting transformation in your workplace.

In this journey together, we’ll delve into:
> The Heart of Resistance: Uncover the emotional underpinnings of why people resist change and how this resistance unfolds in the workplace. 
> Fostering Connections in Change: Gain hands-on strategies for genuinely engaging teams and individuals in the change process, building bridges that transform resistance into readiness.
> Embracing Conflict with Compassion: Discover effective methods to navigate and resolve conflicts, viewing these moments as pivotal opportunities for collective growth and deeper connection.
> This workshop isn’t just about managing change; it’s about leading with empathy, understanding loss, and building meaningful connections that make change not just possible, but embraced.

Workshop Facilitator – Erin Cooper, Co-Founder, Matter

With over 20 years of experience, Erin brings expertise in consulting and guiding teams and organizations toward elevated performance and breakthrough results. Erin has had the privilege of collaborating with enterprise clients and scaling startups throughout her career. Her past clients include renowned companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Nintendo, DIRECTV, lululemon, Havas, Metalab, and Rogers Telecommunications.

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