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WNORTH Workshop Fotini Iconomopoulos


Virtual Event


Dec 02 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am

Workshop: Say Less Get More At Work & At Home with Fotini Iconomopoulos

Our December workshop is open for everyone. Register through the link!

  • Learn how to recognize different types of negotiation opportunities.
  • Understand subtle ways to communicate what you want more effectively.
  • Find out how negotiating a variety of life situations can lead to early retirement.

About: Say Less Get More At Work & At Home

Negotiations happen all around us. While the idea of negotiating stresses many people out, the reality is that negotiation is just a form of communication. Contrary to popular belief, effective negotiation isn’t about arguing; it’s a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement. It’s a process of discovery that requires more listening than speaking. In this eye-opening keynote, communication expert Fotini Iconomopoulos will demonstrate how we are constantly negotiating with those around us in myriad ways, and it rarely looks like a pay-per-view main event. The more comfortable you can get with the idea of negotiation as a conversation, the more opportunities you will create for the kind of life you want.

About Fotini

Nicknamed “the negotiator” as a child, Fotini has been honing her skills her entire life.

For the last decade, she’s been empowering Fortune 500 executives and their teams to achieve their objectives through her expertise in negotiation, communication, and persuasion. She guides companies through high-stakes scenarios and creates tailored intensive negotiation workshops for clients across the globe in all industries who want to develop their teams.

When she’s not strategizing with clients, Fotini is a frequent guest on CBC & CTV Television and an instructor of MBA Negotiations at the Schulich School of Business. She also offers her experience to non-profit initiatives including empowerment programs for young girls, an attempt to close the gender gap before it starts.

She’s been recognized with the Network of Executive Women’s national Inclusion award as well as the Greek America Foundation’s Top 40 under 40 award for her achievements and philanthropic work.

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