Alexis Pokorny

Mindful Millennial Leader

A 12 year Cisco veteran recognized as a Top 1% performer, Alexis most recently ran Cisco’s NYC Financial Services Sales and Engineering business and led Cisco’s Global mindfulness program.

Truly believing there is a better way to achieve results and lead people, she introduced mindfulness to her team and improved the business from 67% to 94% of plan, turnover decreased from 80% to 0% (most employees are recognized by the operation for excellence), reduced anxiety and improved culture.

Today she is presenting globally, working with Fortune 500 companies to develop internal mindfulness programs, providing mindfulness training to sales teams and writing a book on Mindful Millennial Leadership. She couples her entertaining heart-felt anecdotes as a corporate leader with over 15 years of studying mindfulness in real world practical terms that hit home for all.