Desha Sekhon

Director of Strategic Development for CRS Group

Desha Sekhon is the Director of Strategic Development for CRS Group of Companies, where she focuses on driving business growth initiatives. She also leads the philanthropic investment for CRS Group of Companies applying her strategic approach, and passion for giving back to social investment.

Prior to her roles at CRS Group, Desha was an integral part of the opening and ongoing success of Nordstrom Canada, their flagship store. With over 30 years of community service, her role as Customer Relationship Manager was as unique as it was important in introducing the Vancouver community to Nordstrom, and then building on these relationships through elevated experiences resulting in customer loyalty.

Her natural ability to connect with people, create meaningful experiences, combined with her tactical mindset and passion for giving offers a sound foundation to social investment strategies. As a loving mother of four, she and her husband Suki have aligned their family values with giving back, challenging their own children to actively get involved in efforts to create change.