Janette Yee

Athletic Therapist, Prenatal & Postpartum Recovery for Proactive Moms

Janette Yee is an Athletic Therapist and Massage Therapist in Toronto. Over her 16-year career she has worked with amateur to elite athletes from every sport, specializing in running and rugby injuries. The toughest athletes by far are her moms.

Janette’s business offers in-home pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation. Her desire to focus on this underserved population stems from her athletes’ and her own experiences of uninformed and inadequate care. A major lack of resources to assist in rehabilitation from the physical trauma of childbirth lead her to her mission: to bridge the healthcare gap between the day of childbirth and the safe return to activity/exercise/sport.

Aside from one-on-one care, Janette is passionate about educating the public, as well as those who provide physical care for birth mothers. She is currently creating evidence-based continuing education for physicians, therapists, and fitness industry specialists. In addition, she curates workshops for corporate entities. With more health care specialists armed with better prenatal and postpartum training, Janette believes that more women can be returned to healthy, pain-free active living.

Janette fills her days with mandatory play time with her two children aged 1 and 4, and is currently training for her return to competitive 5 km running.

Connect with Janette at @askjanette