Jazz Bhogal

Deputy Director of Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion, The Cabinet Office & Assistant Director for Health, Education & Youth, Greater London Authority

Jazz is the Assistant Director for Health, Education and Youth and started working at the GLA in July 2019.

She spent the last decade working in national Government on health and care policy across Whitehall departments, including at the Government Office for London, and more recently taking on a national role responsible for making the UK’s Civil Service more diverse and inclusive.

With a career mainly been in the health and care sector,  Jazz has worked at almost every level possible, from  her early days managing a busy A&E department in a major London hospital, right through to working at an international level very recently overseeing the UK’s Overseas Territories preparations for Brexit.

Jazz lives in south east London with her husband and children, and is   a Fellow and Board Member of the British American Project.