Marissa Cepelinski

Co-Founder & Partner of Capital Core Financial

Marissa is a passionate and highly driven leader. With over 11 years of experience in the field of finance, she is the co-founding partner of Capital Core Financial, Inc. Marissa has always been driven by a strong desire to understand and help people. She built her team at Capital Core Financial with the mission of helping people approach financial planning from a more holistic perspective and teaching them to implement creative tax efficient strategies. She actively seeks out individuals with philanthropic endeavors as she has a goal for the company to redirect one billion dollars from CRA towards charity. Her educational background includes a degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies from Western University with a minor in Psychology. When Marissa is not hard at work, she is pursuing her passion for adventure. She has been involved in community projects with the purpose of getting youth off the streets in the Vancouver Eastside. Although she can often be found exploring nature and running the trails, she resides and rests in her home in downtown Vancouver.