Melissa McCrae

Executive Director of Graduate Programs at the SFU Beedie School of Business 

Melissa McCrae is the Executive Director of Graduate Programs at the Beedie School of Business. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of Organization Behaviour, Managing People and Organizations, and Leadership since 2006. Melissa is currently a Doctoral candidate, studying how gender is represented in graduate business education, gender stereotypes, and their impact on women’s careers. Previous research has included work-life balance and generational differences. Melissa was a career coach for MBA students for 5 years and continues to deliver workshops on StrengthsFinderTM, strengths-based management, career strategies, and relationship/network management. Having started her career in the male-dominated technology industry, Melissa has been a long-time advocate for programs designed to help women connect, develop, and lead. Melissa has developed and facilitated peer mentorship programs for women, served as a Board member for Canadian Women in Technology, and has facilitated programs for the Women’s Executive Network for the last 10 years.