Niamh Farrelly

Associate, The Humphrey Group

Niamh is an Associate in The Humphrey Group’s Toronto office. She leads client relationship and delivers leadership communication workshops and coaching across our Central and East Canada region.

Niamh has a decade of experience in the corporate training space and this gives her a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry and how to share this in a way that positions her as a trusted advisor to her clients and participant groups.

As a female immigrant from Ireland, Niamh has a passion for helping women recognize their full potential and succeed in life and work. As part of her university education, she specialized in voice studies and performance techniques and connects this work regularly to how she coaches people to use their bodies to be more inspirational communicators.

In her spare time, you will find Niamh networking and speaking at events that support women’s empowerment as well as performing music around the city.