Raissa Uwineza

Raissa is an experienced and effective creator of business connections that have allowed for considerable successful partnerships and collaborations. An avid promoter of entrepreneurship, in the last 5 years she has curated communities and delivered proven rewarding environments across London for new and growing businesses to facilitate their journeys to significant growth.

In her role as Women in Business ambassador at Workspace, the Women In Business initiative has been a driver in her pursuit for social change and impact. An innovative initiative born out of a clear lack of strong female presence on the entrepreneurial landscape in London, Women in Business has forged numerous partnerships over the past year and delivered over 20+ events with over 200 attendees. Recent forged partnership SHEMEANSBUSINESS with Facebook and Enterprise Nation aims to impact 10,000 women by Feb-2018.

A progressive member of the Workspace Do The Right Thing committee, her passion for youth empowerment has ensured a creation and lead of a social responsibility initiative that impacts young people 12- 16 years old positively through life skills mentoring. A passion to lead positive impact extends over 15 years has imparted her aspirational leadership style.

Prior to her entrepreneurial career, her work focused on human rights in Criminal Law with a particular interest in International War Crimes. A proven track record of over 7 years commitment on the defense team in CASE ICTR-00-55 at the United Nations International Tribunal For Rwanda(ICTR). A ground breaking case before the ICTR that made history on appeal by quashing all convicted crimes bar one count of incitement.