Ruhani Walia

Innovator I Tech I Economics, The Knowledge Society

Ruhani Walia is a 17-year-old innovator, writer, emerging technology and economics enthusiast. Now on an exponential trajectory, her vision is to enact positive, social change using emerging technologies. She is constantly feeding her curiosity with the goal of becoming a generalist with unique knowledge. She previously worked on the Innovation, Research and Emerging Solutions Team at Interac Corporation and is now building an intervention to end maternal mortality in Nigeria. She is also doing graphic design at The Awesome Music Project, a not-for-profit looking into music therapy and mental health. Ruhani has always been interested in social good. As a young woman of colour, Ruhani hopes her perspective can positively disrupt the tech space and continue to give power to diversity in innovation. With her curiosity and fascination with people, she is excited to make a positive impact on billions.