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Scott Penberthy - Bio

Managing Director, Applied AI, Office of the CTO at Google

Scott uses AI to eradicate cancer and help people live longer, healthier lives with simple habits. As a member of Google Cloud’s CTO Office, Scott builds and delivers cloud computing stacks for customers, supporting the shift from in-vitro to in-silico medicine.  Scott is also a Board Member of the LustGarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer, the Stanford Center for Pharmacogenomics, and the AI Journal for Precision Oncology.

The trick? Scott uses neural nets (e.g., LLMs, MPNNs, CNNs) to model our lives and data as tensors, essentially high-dimensional versions of cubes, trapezoids and more. Healthy lives are paths through these shapes, where machines detect when we drift, then suggest simple actions to keep us moving forward, feeling great and staying healthy. Tensors are the ultimate equalizer, dealing with everything from your weight, resting heart rate, to DNA, your gut microbiome, x-rays, daily supplements and Peloton workouts.

Scott is inspired by an emergent stack for programming in human language (and Mojo!), purpose-built for the AI generation, reasoning, and computing with trillions of tensors in milliseconds. Tensor networks, tensor databases, tensor prompts, tensor patterns, tensor generators, and more. This is the Age of Phenomics.  Scott has a PhD in AI and Computer Science, having studied at the University of Washington and MIT, and decades of experience as a serial enterprise CTO.  Interested to learn more? Follow his journey as @TensorDoc on social media.

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