Shannon Ward

Freedom-Based Business Coach & Author of “Baby-proofing your Business”

Sales Mastery Mentor, Shannon Ward, is known for turning entrepreneurs who hate or fear selling into sales superstars who build 6 and 7 figure businesses.

For many years, Shannon struggled with feeling inauthentic when she was selling, causing her to dread sales and severely limiting her business success.  Fortunately, she figured out an effective and powerful method for attracting new clients in an authentic way that she could feel great about. Using this method, Shannon was able to triple her company’s revenue in just 90 days and hasn’t looked back since.  Shannon now teaches her step-by-step system to entrepreneurs and sales managers around the world.

Shannon is also lifestyle design junkie who constantly searches for ways to optimize the freedom-centred lifestyle she and her family enjoy.  Shannon splits her time between Whistler, Canada and Costa Rica and enjoys the outdoor-oriented lifestyle that both locations provide.  Shannon is also the co-author of the book Babyproofing Your Business, providing practical solutions for entrepreneurs as they make their unique journey of growing a business while growing their family.
Shannon believes in giving back. She has mentored many women entrepreneurs through organizations like the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Futurepreneur Canada. Through her company, OnTrack, Shannon donates tens of thousands of dollars each year in mentoring to entrepreneurs in need of sales training to get to their next level of success.