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Sue Sutton

Senior Advisor, Social HR, Reputation, Culture Builds and Strategy at TheSocialArchitechs

Sue is an experienced global corporate communications leader and driving force in executive brand and reputation management, employee engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, and business and digital transformation. She worked with Fortune 500 technology company SAP for 11 years and spent 16 years with several innovative tech start-ups. She is a brilliant communications and creative content strategist.

Since joining TheSocialArchitects in October 2021, Sue has worked closely with clients such as SAP, Google, Intrado, Capitolis, and Sony to curate conversations around topics and interests that create a unique “hand-crafted” level of social engagement, and ultimately, “earned influence.” Sue focuses on #SocialLeadership, #SocialHR, and purpose marketing to strengthen personal and corporate brands. She has conducted both executive and employee training workshops to enable people to build and strengthen their personal brand and expand their networks.

In 2020 with SAP, she joined a small contingent of executives at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland to promote SAP’s work around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition to coordinating high profile speaking engagements and panels, she orchestrated the first-ever event for women of color to promote diversity and inclusion and drive change through awareness.

Sue has executed communications plans around SAP’s Board-defined Women in Leadership goal and Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) certification and coordinated a global paternity leave awareness campaign to encourage dads-to-be to take leave which has a direct correlation on gender equality. These efforts have positioned SAP and its leaders as experts on how to drive gender equality in the world, as well as an award-winning best place to work.

Her specialty is identifying innovative ways to drive awareness, promote enablement and effective change management, and increase employee engagement and workplace inclusion.

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