Tess Sloane

Co-Founder at Eleven Eleven Talent

Tess is a firm believer in the philosophy of transformation, with concrete examples throughout her 14+ years in the HR industry. She has catalyzed purpose-led paths for people and worked for global brands renown for their transformative People Practices and HR strategies.

Using her technical background and instinct as a true north star, her approach blends eastern and western philosophies, finding harmony between tried and true tactics and progressive, forward thinking innovation.

With a passion for neuroanatomy and meditation she is able to harness the intersection of the brain + mind body connection to produce life changing results. For Tess, the ultimate success story is a testament to humanity—it is true, deep fulfillment for both candidate and company.

Tess is a certified Meditation teacher, a regular speaker at Universities, Women Events and HR Conferences – Tess is committed to the conversation of remaining deeply connected to your purpose and the continued development of your whole self.

Alisha Adams

Co-Founder at Eleven Eleven Talent

Alisha is fed by passion and fuelled by connection. With over a decade in Talent Acquisition, she has transformed careers and lives across industries—and oceans.

Having studied Fashion Merchandising and worked with global apparel brands, Alisha has a strong knowledge of the product lifecycle and retail landscape. She has built extensive talent networks throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. It’s this global experience combined with a network built on deep respect that poised her well to co-found Eleven Eleven Talent Collective.

Balancing business strategy with emotional intelligence, Alisha customizes experiences based on each individual’s unique desires, bold in the conviction that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.

Alisha is passionate about elevating women in business and entrepreneurship and frequently speaks on these topics. She believes in everyone’s right to design a life they love through awakening their purpose, passion, and career.