Tori Holmes

Co-Founder at Nectar Juicery  

At the age of 21, Tori crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 24ft ocean rowing boat and shortly thereafter published her first book “Crossing the Swell”.  Her journey included dehydration, sleep deprivation, emotional lows, immense physical pain and 12 hours of rowing a day for 86 days.  She survived the crossing both in body and spirit by believing that “the difficult you do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer.”

In 2014, Tori co-founded Nectar Juicery, offering 100% organic cold-press juices, cleanses, and adaptogenic herbs deliciously alchemized to revitalize life on the go.  The start-up hasn’t always been smooth sailing and Tori has often compared bootstrapping a business to her journey across the ocean, a test in surviving and thriving.  She has coined the term “Surthriving” to embody how life’s biggest challenges only make us stronger. Tori will share with attendees how she took Nectar Juicery from survival mode to a thriving Vancouver health food company.