Travis Streb

Executive Coach and Host of the Men at Work Podcast

Travis believes that leadership is as much about relationships and presence as it is about results. In fact, he believes these are the things that will determine the success and happiness of any leader, any team and any organization.

Travis lives out these beliefs in all of his work at High Impact Lab as a facilitator and guide for leaders in organizations across North America. What makes him different is his ability to be a sincere but compassionate mirror for the people he’s working with and challenging them in a way that inspires them to be better.

He is known for his grounding, yet inspirational presence and willingness to surface the true challenges facing his clients.

Travis is a perennial early riser, which is when he’s at his best. By the time he’s checked his email (rarely before 9) he’s probably ridden his bike or skied up the side of a mountain, done yoga and had two or three client calls.

Travis is born and raised in North Vancouver and live there today with his wife and two daughters.