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1204 Broadway New York, NY, 10001


Feb 29 2024


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

February New York Roundtable: Wealth Stacks: Linking Career Advancement, Self-Promotion, And Boundaries For Success with Janki Bhoti

Join us for the WNORTH Wealth Stacks Roundtable in New York, where we’ll be dissecting the relationship between career success, self-promotion, and setting boundaries. The core theme focused on how personal and professional boundaries impact career growth and how all of it is directly tied to career advancement, increasing earning potential, stacking assets, and, ultimately, generational wealth building.  

Key takeaways include:

Personal Boundaries: Striking a work-life balance to excel in your career without burning out.
Skills Boundaries: Emphasizing the need for continuous learning and specialization in today’s job market.
Learning Boundaries: Recognizing the role of ongoing education in unlocking new career opportunities.
Professional Boundaries: Navigating workplace dynamics through effective communication and etiquette.
Collaboration Boundaries: Harnessing the power of teamwork and networking for career advancement.


Facilitator: Janki Bhoti,
Founder and CEO,

Janki Bhoti has a BA in Finance and an MBA in Management & Business Strategy. While there was immense pressure to be superlative in all her society-assigned roles (mother, daughter, wife, and many more) she intricately weaved every day, she realized the scarcity of resources on practical strategies on how to prioritize, negotiate, and synthesize the demands while also maintaining her sanity, health, creativity and her earning potential. 

“Flex Your No” was born from this unmet need, a leadership course focused on real discussions and tools to empower women (and society as a whole) as they navigate demanding careers, pressures to “do-it-all,” conflicting ideologies on parenting, and so many other topics (FYI, no more just fixing the woman, but also fixing the broken systems around her). 

After working in the Insurance and Banking industries for a couple of decades, she realized that her expertise in strategy, negotiations, DE&I, and project management could be applied to rebuild societies post-COVID that work for women and give womanhood a much-needed makeover.

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