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Feb 22 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Burnout – How Addiction to Distraction is Eroding our Capacity with Melanie Sodka


During this session, attendees will experience a new level of self-awareness around key workplace topics such as the realities of multitasking, burnout prevention, and contributing to an environment of sustainable ambition’. Throughout her talk, Melanie will facilitate learning moments that will allow participants to leave with actionable resources and new ideas to bring to their teams.



  • Discover how multitasking and distraction are eroding personal capacity.
  • Discuss the impact of hustle culture and explore ‘sustainable ambition.
  • Raise self-awareness while learning how to intercept burnout patterns.


About Melanie Sodka

For many years, Melanie has been engaging and shifting the perspectives of her audiences in the classroom, boardroom, and conference rooms. Her captivating engagement style connects her attendees into perspective-shifting and thought-provoking experiences. Her energy combined with her storytelling abilities have moved thousands to countless breakthroughs and transformations.

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