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Mar 24 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Fireside Chat: Become a Published Author And Elevate Your PR

Have you ever thought about publishing a book? But, where should you start?
Becoming a published author takes persistence, industry networking, and the right publishing approach. Our March workshop features a Fireside Chat with Charlotte Silverstein, an accomplished publicist of Lena Rose PR, and Jane Stoller, a published author working on her second book. Discover practical insights from the writer’s perspective combined with the PR viewpoint. Jane will share her story of becoming a published author and the do’s & don’ts of publishing based on her experience, chaperoned by Charlotte’s PR expertise. Together, they’ll talk about the publishing trends for 2022 onwards, and tips to help first-time authors produce their first book and understand the industry at large.


About Charlotte Silverstein
Charlotte Silverstein is a French-American PR specialist based in Los Angeles, California. This guru has managed successful communication initiatives for clients covering a wide variety of industries—from lifestyle, to tech, to publishing; from talent to hospitality; from health & wellness to food & beverage. Charlotte created Lena Rose PR in 2017 as a safe space for the change-makers and good-doers of the world. Having previously worked for top PR firms in the U.S. -both large and small -she noticed an overall lack of honesty between the PR professional and the client, as well as minimal opportunities for the every-day entrepreneur. Taking matters into her own hands, she vowed to be wholly transparent in her career and provide chances to all that share her core value: leaving the world a better place. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, wine tasting, working out, testing new vegan recipes, and spending time with her friends and family (and her little black rescue cat!).


About Jane Stoller
Meet Jane Stoller – a Swiss-Canadian life-biz organizer, speaker, author and university instructor whose passion is in de-cluttering spaces and organizing business processes. Jane wrote her first book Organizing for Your Lifestyle in 2016 to help friends get more organized. It ultimately gained international attention, and this allowed Jane to turn her passion into a profitable business, Organized Jane. Stoller travels all around the world working with clients ranging from individuals looking to revamp one space, to large corporations needing a complete business overhaul. She’s currently working on her second book.

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