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Virtual Event


Jun 24 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am

June Workshop: How To Transform Anxiety Into Useful Energy To Build Sustainable Performance

Life is like a boxing match: It can be beautiful and tragic, brutal yet graceful, and a jumbled mess of chaos all at the same time.

In boxing, we train to stay balanced while performing at high levels, so why not learn proven mindset strategies for living a balanced life from a well-trained athlete.

Join Yvette as she uplifts and inspires your audience to think like a fighter and live like a Champion! Her dynamic personality and infectious energy are the perfect doses of positivity and enthusiasm that your event can surely boast about long after the final bell has rung.

Yvette uses interesting analogies from the ring, demonstrations, and the art of storytelling so that your audience will:

  • Learn how to transform anxiety into helpful energy
  • Discover practical techniques for increasing productivity at work, at home, and play
  • Understand and implement the importance of perspective both when making split-second decisions or goal setting for the long term
  • Develop a personal baseline state as an ideal push-off point to move through life with more ease and confidence
  • Immediately feel hopeful about what is possible for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Whether you are looking to empower a group of women at a conference or host a refreshing team-building experience for your employees, dare to be different by offering Yvette’s unique approach to healthy productivity for personal and professional gain.

About Yvette Raposo

As a Champion Boxer, Award-Winning Speaker & CANADA’S FIRST Female Professional Ring Announcer, Yvette’s goal is to persistently blaze trails and teach others to do the same for themselves for the benefit of their communities.

Learn more about Yvette: https://www.yvetteraposo.com/

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