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Virtual Event


Nov 03 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Leadership Masterclass with Cindy Shaw: Rising to Challenge – Leading Organizational Change

Rising to Challenge: Leading Organizational Change Masterclass with Cindy Shaw

Practical strategies to gain buy-in and build momentum have never been so vital as we navigate these unprecedented times of global change. In this session, you’ll learn practical and effective ways to improve your ability to plan and lead change in times of uncertainty.

In this discussion, we’ll explore:

The change essentials required to build buy-in and how to leverage them to create successful change outcomes

The science behind people’s response to change and your role in helping provide the direction and support your team needs.

Your takeaways include:

Clarity – how to recognize and interpret change behavior and what impacts it.

Insight – better understanding of how external influences impact your team’s ability to change.

Increased confidence – tools you can use immediately to support your team and initiative.

If you’re about to plan a change or are currently in the middle of one, this session will offer unique insights, tools, and discussion to help you overcome the challenges you may face.

About Cindy Shaw, workshop facilitator:

Cindy helps clients transform using evidence-based mindset and behavior development techniques. Her consultancy, True Change Solutions Inc., offers strategy and development programs to build adaptability and resilience as a competitive advantage. Leveraging over 25 years of leadership experience in the operation and HR side of business and expertise in owning three businesses, Cindy helps clients realign and activate their deeper purpose through action to achieve their desired transformation.

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