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Mar 23 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

March Workshop: Is Your Praise Working Against You? with Kendra Jonhson

Praise in all of its forms is amazing…isn’t it?! In this leader’s guide to motivating others workshop, we’ll zoom out to explore the intentionality behind praise and how we can use different styles as powerful tools to build loyal, respect-based relationships with our teams. We’ll also uncover how too much of a good thing can actually sour our working relationships, create insecurities, and lead to quiet (or loud) quitting.  Discover the influence you have on your own team, peers, and even personal relationships on a daily basis!

Kendra’s bio

From a young age, Kendra has had an unrelenting, inquisitive longing to understand what makes people tick. This curiosity, paired with her innate ability to reframe perspectives and naturally mediate situations through communication, landed her the role of connector & mediator for friends and family. It was the combination of this innate ability, over a decade of growing, leading, and motivating teams, and the cultural learnings from experiencing over  40 countries that have shaped her philosophies on leadership from both an employee and a management perspective.

Kendra launched her own consulting company under “Business Therapist” (now The Venned Group) in  2018. She has since successfully helped over 700 Business Owners, Directors, Executives, and Leaders across all sizes of organizations look inward so they can show up impactfully for their teams. The foundations of her proprietary program, The S.P.A.R.K. Method, are supported and shaped by 30 years of success-driven results and focus on the 5 pillars influencing communication, behavior, and motivation. These foundations act as a constant reminder that powerful leadership and communication are developed internally and ripple outward, always. Together, The Venned Group and their clients identify and develop authentic leadership and communication styles unique to each individual and organization because one- size never fits all.

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