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Feb 15 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Mastering Effective Delegation to Energize Business Growth with Ariana Richardson

About the Workshop

We start our businesses with dreams of financial freedom, creating our own schedule, and more. As we work and grow, there comes the time to scale. This is where many business owners get stuck and stay stagnant for years.

You fear having someone coming into the business because you “know” they won’t know how you like things done. You need help, but you are unsure of where to start. You get help, but now you’re more stressed because there’s no process for the person to go by.

In this class, we will discuss identifying when you need help, things to have in place before you hire, who you need to hire, and how to document your processes for easier onboarding.

About the workshop facilitator, Adriana Richardson

Adriana is the Owner and CEO of the Management and Consulting Company, The Lazy Millennial. From Virtual Assistant to “failed” Virtual Assistant agency owner to now Online Operations manager, Adriana is no stranger helping small businesses set up their internal processes and systems for sustainable growth and what can happen to businesses when they fail to do so.

Adriana came up with “The Lazy Millennial” because she noticed no matter how much or who small businesses hired, there always seemed to be a disconnect leading to frustration, micromanagement, and other negative associations. She wanted to show Service Providers that they could make better decisions when it came to hiring and running their businesses all through strong operational foundations which she does today. “It’s time to reject hustle culture by accepting our role as CEO and delegate”.


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