Roundtable: Personal Branding Goals for 2023 with Ariel White

Join Ariel White, Head of Marketing and Communications at NZ Builders, for a dynamic roundtable discussion on personal branding in the digital age. Ariel will delve into the benefits of building a personal brand beyond your job title and how crucial it is in today’s remote-focused work environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the WNORTH community for 50 minutes of networking and goal-setting as we strategize and plan to make 2023 our most successful year yet! Discover the power of personal branding and take control of your professional development. Sign up now and elevate your career to new heights!

Our first Virtual Member’s Roundtable of 2023 with Ariel White, WNORTH’s Victoria Chapter City Director.


The event is finished.


Jan 24 2023

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