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Sep 20 2023


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Victoria September Roundtable: Time Management: Balancing Focus, Meetings, and Self-Care in Your Calendars

Do you ever feel like you’re not in control of your own schedule? Balancing work, meetings, and self-care can seem like a delicate dance, and it has never been more crucial to keep our calendars on track (and our sanity intact). Join us for a Leadership Roundtable led by Ariel White to unravel the riddles of crafting a balanced calendar.

Together, we’ll work on:

▸  The art of task prioritization and how to stay focused on what truly matters.
▸   The age-old question: Are meetings worth it, or should it be an email or a quick call?
▸  Getting the most out of your meetings without overloading your plate (which is already full).
▸  The vital role of self-care in your daily schedule (for those who refuse to wear ‘busy’ as a badge of honor).

If time manages you instead of the other way around, then this is the one meeting worth attending to bid overwhelm goodbye.

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