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Jul 11 2024


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Virtual Roundtable: Breaking Free from the Leadership Constriction Model: The Path to Scalable Impact for Women at Work with Shauna Moran

About the Workshop:

Are you a woman looking to make a lasting impact in your work without compromising your well-being?

Join us for this empowering workshop where you’ll learn to navigate and overcome The Leadership Constriction ModelTM. Discover how to scale your influence and success while staying true to your values and maintaining your well-being.

This workshop will equip you with practical strategies and transformative insights to break free from burnout, team challenges, and unfulfilling work. Step into a new version of leadership where your impact grows alongside your joy and fulfillment.

In this workshop, you’ll:

> Understand the 3 Pillars for Reducing Chronic Stress and Burnout: Learn the essential elements women need at work to manage and reduce chronic stress effectively.

> Identify Key Roles in the Stress Cycle: Gain insights into how your actions, your 
manager’s support, and your organization’s policies contribute to the stress cycle, and what can be done to mitigate these factors.

> Create More Impact Without Stress: Discover strategies to enhance your leadership impact while minimizing stress, ensuring sustainable success.

> Get Clear On Next Steps and Practical Tools: Leave with actionable steps and 
practical tools designed to help you reduce your stress levels at work immediately.

> Join us and transform your leadership journey by learning to amplify your impact without sacrificing your well-being.

About Shauna, Our Roundtable Facilitator

Shauna Moran is an award-winning women’s impact amplification coach, burnout prevention expert, international public speaker, and published author. Since 2018, she 
has been dedicated to supporting remote organizations in enhancing performance, engagement, and employee wellness. In 2020, her focus pivoted to addressing burnout, the foremost challenge facing the workforce today. Shauna’s research revealed that women were particularly vulnerable to burnout and chronic stress, often struggling to remain in the workplace.

Today, Shauna devotes her expertise to coaching and developing women leaders through her innovative Impact Amplification ModelTM. This advanced approach empowers women to scale their leadership impact while aligning with their personal values, well-being, and confidence. Her model helps leaders avoid the pitfalls of The Leadership Constriction ModelTM, which often leads to burnout, team challenges, and diminished fulfillment as responsibilities grow.

Shauna’s transformative coaching methods integrate modalities from breathwork to somatic coaching. She guides women on a journey of growth that amplifies their influence and joy in their work without sacrificing their well-being or values. Shauna resides on Bowen Island with her partner, David, and their golden retriever, Johnnie. In her free time, she enjoys singing with her shruti box and immersing herself in the tranquillity of the forest or ocean.


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