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Oct 13 2023


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Whistler Roundtable: Why is Sales So Hard and How Can I Make it Easier for Myself?

Sales is the backbone of virtually every industry, influencing the success of businesses across the board, from retail to technology and beyond. It’s a skill set that extends far beyond traditional sales roles and permeates all aspects of the business world and your personal brand. But why is sales often perceived as a daunting challenge, and, more importantly, how can you empower yourself to make it more manageable?

Join our Whistler Roundtable with special guest Shannon Ward, Chief Growth Officer at Genus Capital Management, who brings nearly 20 years of Sales Leadership Experience.

Key Takeaways:

▸  Redefining Sales Culture:
We’ll delve into the stereotypes and cultural baggage that often shroud the sales profession in negativity. Discover how to break free from these misconceptions and reframe your perception of what it means to be a salesperson.

▸  Empowering Belief Systems: 
Self-doubt and limiting beliefs can hinder your sales potential. Let’s identify and overcome these mental barriers.

▸  Building Sustainable Systems:
Sales success isn’t just about individual wins; it’s about long-term growth and consistency. Learn how to construct effective, scalable sales systems that will bolster your success over time.

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