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​​As a professional woman looking to build your personal brand and make a name for yourself, we know that it’s hard to feel like you belong or have a place where you can grow your dreams and network.

Get together, network, and grow with your peers. That’s the premise behind our Chapter Cities – to help you connect with women in your area through intimate networking meetups that focus on key business and personal development topics. 

We’re excited to share what the WNORTH Chapter Cities are all about, the connections that are waiting for you, and how you can utilize them to your advantage.

Chapter Cities: How did it all come together

In 2014, Heather Odendaal, the Co-Founder and CEO at WNORTH, was working as a remote employee for a Fortune 500 company. She was the only remote employee on her team, making it challenging to grow and maintain her network.

Realizing the immense power of networking, she felt strongly about finding a group of like-minded women to connect with – both professionally and personally – but she couldn’t find one that fit and shared her values of women supporting women. And so, she decided to go ahead and create an organization that promotes women’s advancement to senior leadership positions – known as WNORTH.

Fast forward to 2021, WNORTH connects women virtually and in-person through high-level networking events and leadership development opportunities, including workshops, expert panels, and the WNORTH Conference.

WNORTH now extends its reach to 10 Chapter Cities worldwide – building strong communities of women in leadership.

Our Chapter Cities: A community of like-minded women in your area

Now more than ever, the need for connection and in-person networking is the priority of women in business and women entrepreneurs (let’s not forget women looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended leave). 

Our Chapter Cities are all about building a community through the power of networking. Each month, we host intimate networking events established to foster and develop your career and business connections.  

From finding a new mentor, sponsor, or a friend, WNORTH Member Meetups connect you with your next priceless networking connection. Here’s where you can find us:

  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Seattle
  • London, UK
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Calgary (New)
  • Ottawa (New)
  • Kitchener-Waterloo (New)
  • Austin
wnorth member meetup vancouver networking event

City Directors: The unifying force of our Chapter Cities

Each Chapter City is led by a City Director that facilitates powerful networking experiences for women in your area. Each of our City Directors is an accomplished and brilliant woman with a passion for connecting driven and ambitious women in leadership. 

City Directors are at the heart of their local communities, assisting in creating opportunities for meaningful connections and conversations.

What kind of events can you expect in your Chapter City?

Member Meetups

Spend one hour each month networking with other professional women in your city! Led by our City Directors, Member Meetups connect like-minded women in our Chapter cities, support them to make new meaningful connections, and engage in inspiring discussions. Look forward to speed networking, group mentoring, and socializing.

In addition, our Member Meetups regularly feature speakers and special guests who share their expertise on relevant topics. The topics covered in the past include:

  • Why you’re not getting promoted and a blueprint to fix it
  • Developing a personal brand with impact
  • How to care for yourself so that you can care for others, 
  • And more… 

Connect Events and Specials

Connect in person with women who will support and encourage you on your journey. Some of the most popular Connect Events we organize include: Connect Over Cocktails, Connect Dinners, Holidays Specials, and more.

mastermind membership members at wnorth networking

Attending our next event and becoming a member of our community

Attending our Chapter City events is easy. Our Member Meetups are open for our Mastermind Members (free of charge). Members can claim their complimentary tickets using the links in this post on the Membership Portal. 

Not a Mastermind Member? You can join us, too! You can purchase Season Pass by selecting your Chapter City here, or sign up for membership (14-day trial included).

Find support from local professionals who want to help you succeed

If you’re looking to connect locally with other women, become inspired and productive during an eventful evening, and grow your network, then joining our next Chapter City event is the best step for you. 

This is YOUR chance to make a difference, build a community and align yourself with other professional women in a comfortable and supportive environment. 

Who knows where your new connections will take you? We can’t wait to help you find out.

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