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Oct 27 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

October Workshop: The Art of Meaningful Connections to Elevate Women’s Careers with Heather Odendaal

Connection matters. In today’s dynamic professional landscape, the ability to forge authentic connections is often the key differentiator in achieving career success. Led by Heather Odendaal, the CEO and Founder of WNORTH, this workshop is your gateway to discovering the transformative power of building and nurturing connections that truly matter.

Together, we’ll dive into the latest insights from WNORTH’s Report on Women’s Networks 2023 and learn how women are uniquely positioned to thrive in networking scenarios.

Workshop Highlights:

▸  Building Authentic Networks:
Learn the art of building genuine connections beyond surface-level interactions. Discover strategies to initiate conversations, establish rapport, and create lasting relationships that can fuel your career growth.

▸  Networking Strategies for Success: Explore various networking strategies tailored to your personality and career goals. From in-person events to online platforms, you’ll uncover tactics to maximize networking opportunities and expand your sphere of influence.

▸  Creating Your Career Support System: Learn how to curate a diverse support system that includes mentors, peers, and sponsors. Understand how each role contributes to your career journey and how to foster these relationships effectively.

▸  Lifting Others as You Climb: 
Pay it forward by supporting other women in their careers. Explore how lifting others can contribute to your growth and the overall advancement of women in the workplace.

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