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Aug 10 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Am I Good Enough? Managing Imposter Syndrome with Jessica Metcalfe

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Have you ever had that feeling if you just took one more course, or had that specific degree or the right clients, then, you would feel that much more confident? 

Do you question your abilities and think that it’s only a matter of time before someone finds you out?

If you answered ‘yes’, you’re not alone.

You’re a high-achieving woman, yet, you underestimate your abilities, explain away your successes, and overwork until you’re exhausted.

For years, your inner gremlin, that inner voice, has made you believe that you need to prove yourself and measure your worth by your accomplishments.

Not anymore!

It’s time to break down the barriers associated with imposter syndrome and perfectionism so you can finally step into your strength, power, and confidence. It’s time you start believing it.

About Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Dr. Jessica is a confidence coach on a mission to empower and unlock the inner voices of high-stressed high-achieving women. Speak Kindly, You’re Listening is her first book teaching high-achieving women how to interpret their inner voice to get unstuck both personally and professionally (Launch November 2022).

Dr. Jessica’s experience working with cancer patients, her own mental health journey, and her impact as an education director and certified life coach has shifted hundreds of high-achievers away from imposter syndrome, perfectionism, burnout, and dark mental chatter to a new, healthy, inspiring, supportive, and cooperative relationship with themselves. S

he has given keynote speeches and presentations to The University of Toronto, Boston University, Key Media, Women in Wealth Management, and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre among other international organizations and companies, and looks forward to bringing her humor, storytelling, and actionable results.

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