City Director:

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City Advisor:

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Past Event Speakers

Chitra Anand

Author, The Greenhouse Approach: Cultivating Deliberate Innovation in Organizations, Toronto, Ontario

Jenn Martin

Naval Warfare Officer at Canadian Armed Forces

Diane Kazarian

GTA Managing Partner and National Banking Leader PwC Canada

Isabella Grandic

Innovator, The Knowledge Society

Mona Ghiami

Chief Inclusion Officer at PwC Canada

Tom Turner

Tom Turner SVP, Strategic & Commercial Sales, Rogers for Business Rogers Communications Inc

Carrie Gallant

Negotiation Strategist, Vancouver, BC

Saeideh Fard

Chief Financial Officer, Tulip Retail

Travis Streb

Executive Coach and Host of the Men at Work Podcast

Kendall Milne Bancroft

Sr. Director Small Business Sales Rogers Communications

Aayaz Pira

Senior Vice President, CIBC Digital & Direct Banking and Head Simplii Financial

Margo Gouley

Director, Program Development, The Humphrey Group

Ideshini Naidoo

Senior Vice President of Engineering at Wave HQ

Rhiannon Rosalind

President & CEO | Jr. Economic Club Founder & President

Emma Whalley-Hands

Director, Consulting & Deals, PwC Canada

Nora Curic

Senior Director, Digital Business Management & Enablement. CIBC Digital

Karlyn Percil

CEO of KDPM Consulting Group INC

Janette Yee

Athletic Therapist, Prenatal & Postpartum Recovery for Proactive Moms

Erica Ehm

CEO & Founder, Ehm & Co.

Andrea Wolf

Managing Director, Strategy & Innovation at Colliers Advisory Services

Marise Lemieux

Business Unit Director at Gilead Sciences Canada

Mary Mowbray

Senior Vice President, Retail at Colliers International

I recently attended the WNORTH summit held in Toronto and feel compelled to share how motivating it is to see such strong, seasoned speakers and female leaders share their life and career experiences. I was impressed at how welcoming and positive the WNORTH community is, specifically when it comes to celebrating the differences (and similarities) among us, paying it forward, and advocating to be ourselves in the workplace. It was refreshing to hear such candid, personal stories and be reminded that we each define our vision of ‘success’. I look forward to the next event!

Allyson McKeeverDirector, Project Integrator | Corporate Services